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Necc DAO
2 min readDec 1, 2021


Without these projects, there would be no Necc DAO.

Let’s go through each to educate how Necc protocol is highly dependent on each core infrastructure.

Necc x Aurora

$AURORA is a EVM based network on top of NEAR blockchain utilising the Simple Nightshade consensus mechanism.

Aurora lives on its own NEAR shard adding to its throughput and ~1 second block finality.

Necc Protocol benefits from this greatly but most importantly from a UX perspective, especially for onchain inverse perpetuals, Aurora currently is transaction gas free!

Without NEAR, there would be no Aurora and without Aurora, there would be no Necc.

Necc x Flux Protocol

$FLX is a cross-chain meta oracle network with a validator and dispute mechanism for slashing.

This means they are the first fully decentralised oracle provider!

Without Flux Protocol’s price feeds, there would be no datasource to mint or burn stablecoins and long or short tokens!

Necc Protocol is able to get less wicks that cause liquidation mishaps, zero price impact or slippage, aggregated trust-worthy reliable data and new markets that can be requested via governance.

Let’s not even begin to mention their own Graph Protocol integration for onchain indexed data querying, would love to use that for dynamic NFTs…

Necc x Trisolaris

$TRI is a x*y=k curve based AMM Spot governable DEX with a fee switch on for single-sided staking.

Trisolaris enables pair based trading hops and permissionless pool creation.

Necc Protocol accumulates its own liquidity via $nNECC/$NDOL and $nNECC/$TRI LP tokens that come from Trisolaris’ pools.

The Necc Treasury in return for these revenue generating LP tokens, sells $NECC bonds at a discount, vesting over five days.

Without Trisolaris, there wouldn’t be any spot markets for swaps or any way either to get accurate pricing for Necc V2 👀.

Necc x Graph Protocol

$GRT is basically the Google of blockchain, it allows onchain data to be indexable and queryable with an offchain datastore per subgraph.

Necc Protocol’s own data page, history, LP tab features are enabled by the Graph Protocol’s realtime, reactive and historical datasets unique to our dApp.

The subgraph repository is OSS so anyone can make a contribution to surface and interpolate onchain data that is already there!

Volume, TA indicators, current long and shorts, previous liquidations, trader activity are all there if you dig deep enough.

Necc x Connext

Connext (wen token???) once they integrate with Aurora allows cross-chain 1:1 token liquidity routing and meta transactions.

Necc Protocol aims to integrate Connext’s technology to provide LP incentives for $NDOL and $nNECC, making cross-chain UX feel seamless.

Imagine opening a $NEAR inverse perpetual position on Aurora by putting down $AVAX collateral on Avalanche.

…TBD tho



Necc DAO

Decentralised inverse perpetual protocol backed by an interest bearing stablecoin and bonds